Pucker up!

You’re sweet enough already. It’s time to pucker up when you drink up.

Cherry Lane’s Concentrated Tart Cherry Juice will make your lips pucker with that sour sensation we all know and love. There’s no better way to start the day than with a kiss-ready, ruby red pucker.


Ruby red and kiss-ready science

The full pucker on your lips comes from the juice of 75 tart cherries packed into every tablespoon of concentrate. And, like most things that make us kiss-ready, scientists are just beginning to learn about the compounds and complexities of tart cherry juice. One day, we’ll make out exactly how powerful the pucker is. Until then, here are some little pecks to consider below...

We’re all about the sour: juicy, ruby red and chocolate kisses. We’ve even got Cherry Lane fruit for your best friend.

Pucker Up with Tart Cherries