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Headaches. Check any internet forum on headaches and you’ll find users who recommend tart cherry juice based on their own experiences. That anecdotal evidence has been put to the test. In 2017 a 24 year-old American woman who had suffered from migraines for four years agreed to let a research team monitor her response to taking tart cherry juice as a form of migraine treatment. While taking juice, the patient used 91% less medication to treat her migraines, saw the duration of her headaches fall by 65% and the frequency by 78%. During the trial, the patient suffered from migraines on her period when she didn’t drink the juice, but not during the periods when she did have the drink. As a result of her experience, the medical research team from the Institute for Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, concluded that a clinic trial should be conducted to investigate further. Do you suffer from headaches? Click here to tell us about it.