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Sept. 21, 2018

I have arthritis in my right ankle and lower back. It was so painful that I could barely climb stairs. I was taking 8 extra strength tylenol just to get through the day. My cousin’s family introduced me to Cherrylane concentrate tart cherry juice about 3 years ago. Since I started taking the tart cherry juice I have not taken any tylenol or pain killers. I take the juice every morning before I go to work and I get through the entire day without the pain I used to have. This tart cherry juice has made a huge difference and I couldn’t be without it now.

June 18, 2017

Approximately 2 years ago, I noticed the occasional sharp, breath-taking pain in my mid-back. This pain would last seconds & may be related to posture, sudden movements. I know that I have O.A. - I have crooked fingers & toes. I diagnosed myself with the strong possibility of having some arthritis in my spine. Through friends, talking about your product, I decided to try it & have been a dedicated “Imbiber” for 2 years. If I have to occasionally miss my “drink”, I sporadically have that same sharp stabbing twinges!!

I cannot be without it. When away, I have to get gluten-free-sour-cherry capsules - purchased in USA & ingest one, twice a day. Olympic teams after strenuous workouts ingest cherry juice. It is an anti-oxidant & great replenisher of depleted body-stores. Cherry juice also aids in the fight against free radicals. The only draw back with your product is its sugar content - and is therefore not suitable for diabetics.

Cheers to my perfect beverage - 2 tbsp sour cherry concentrate in 1/2 L of H2O!!!

February 4th, 2017

Natural goodness & fantastic medicine - take every day. Helps my problems with gout & arthritis. I didn’t take this “juice” for 2 weeks: gout attacks, severe swollen joints.

Cannot go a day without this!

April 25th, 2017

I was introduced to this amazing natural product approximately 20 years ago. I was raised on a fruit farm in the Niagara area and always enjoyed the taste of cherries. Never realized that this fruit would have made such a positive benefit to my life. Started my own business at the age of 38 in the computer industry and travelled lots throughout the world. Lots of stress, lots of car travel through North America, lots of downtime. I was introduced to Cherry Lane by a relative, who spoke very highly of the product. Presented me with a bottle and they said, “Try it!” I liked the flavour, got some info on the product and started on my track, looking for help re: my aches (backpain) & stress etc… Had some success within a couple months. And then, took this product very serious and found many benefits: blood pressure was in perfect range, kept inflammation down, built up my immune system, controlled arthritis, helped with weight loss (aprox 55 lbs), helped control diabetes, sleeping very well, long range eye sight perfect. At 75 years young, feel great! I have introduced this Tart Cherry product to over 70 other people, many who have had great success. Also, I would like to document many of the other success stories & be able to share, with all of us who have found this magical natural product. This is my true testimonial and feelings on Cherry Lane Juice and what it has done for me, over the last 20 years and over 250 bottles of cherry juice. I wish all other persons taking this product would have same success. Cherry Lane & staff, keep up the great effort!

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